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Dharma Talk

Parable on Rebirth by Rev. Mauricio Ghigonetto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Berkeley’s Unique Obon by Rev. Ken Yamada,  Shinshu Center of America

A Volcano and Power Beyond Self by Rev. Marcos Sawada, Hilo, Hawaii

Translating Hongan with his Life by Rev. Patti Nakai, Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Music and Arrogance by Rev. Hideaki Nishihori, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Season of Obon

A Great Earthquake and 14 Students by Dr. Yasushi Kigoshi, Otani University, Kyoto, Japan

From Suffering to Compassion by Rinban Noriaki Ito, Los Angeles

Power of Sangha: Rev. Nobuko Miyoshi, West Covina, CA

Social Discrimination and Buddhism by Rev. Ken Yamada, Shinshu Center

Shin Buddhist Responses to Suffering by Rev. Patti Nakai, Chicago, Ilinois

Inner Awareness by Rev. Peter Hata, Los Angeles, CA

Nembutsu and Comfort by Rev. Paul Imahara, Los Angeles, CA

Light to a World of Awakening by Rev. Kenjun Kawawata, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Humble Appreciation by Rev. Koen Kikuchi, Honolulu, Hawaii

Yes, Pure Land is Buddhism, by Rev. Patti Nakai, Chicago, Illinois

Anxiety by Rev. Hideaki Nishihori, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Advice to Teenagers by Rev. Ryoko Osa, Berkeley, CA

Meaning of Memorials by Rev. Ken Yamada, Shinshu Center of America

Shinran Shonin Birthday Service

Meaning of Eitaikyo

Meaning of Higan

Lay Voices

Buddhism of Obrigada: Hisako Mori, Sau Paolo, Brazil

​My Inner Strength: Masago Asai, Hawaii

At the Edge of Sorrow: Reiko Nelson, West Covina, CA

Shin Family Ties: Masayuki Saito, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Helping the Helpers, by Phillip Underwood, West Covina, CA

Dirty Hands in Myanmar, by Joey Deschenes, Berkeley, CA