The Buddhist path

Buddhism teaches that everything and everybody are inter-connected and part of a great whole, thus Oneness. It’s a religion of wisdom, compassion and peace, and above all, non-violence. It’s a path leading to a more peaceful world and peace within ourselves.

The Buddha saw that we suffer because we don’t see life clearly. Rather, we live in a world clouded by our passions and ignorance, driven by a desire to please this “self” of ours. We divide the world into yours and mine, good and bad, happiness and sadness, life and death, with the self at center. We fail to see the Oneness of life.

The Truth, or dharma, is that all life is interdependent and interconnected. Everything exists because they are inter-dependent and caused by other things. All things spring forth from innumerable causes and conditions, which in turn, are inter-dependent with innumerable causes and conditions.

Buddhism encourages us to be introspective, to contemplate our true nature and to see ourselves as we truly are. It teaches us about what we don’t know, our ignorance, and how our view of the world is clouded by ego and desire. It shows us a way to transcend our suffering and attain inner peace. We are encouraged to live with a sense of gratitude and joy.

Jodi Shinshu Buddhism, or “True Essence of Pure Land,” is based on the life and teachings of Shinran Shonin, who lived in Japan from 1113 to 1212. Shinran felt the Buddhist path is open to everyone, not limited by strict practices and monastic rules. By sincerely living one’s life and honestly reflecting on oneself, we can come to a deep understanding about who we are and what this life is all about. We are encouraged to listen to the Buddhist teachings in a way that is transformative. During his lifetime, Shinran met with people from all walks of life. Consequently, our members typically include children, teenagers, young adults, parents and seniors. Our temples welcome everyone.

Our temples typically hold Sunday services and other activities. For more information please see our calendar and events page.