Watch: Hoonko Service in Kyoto

Now you can watch live this year’s Hōonkō services broadcast from Higashi Honganji’s mother temple in Kyoto, Japan.  See below for the schedule of services and speakers honoring Shinran Shonin, founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, beginning November 20th for one week.

All events may be viewed on the Shinshu Otani-ha Higashi Honganji YouTube channel . Note: Services and lectures will be in Japanese.  For select transcripts in English, please see the Higashi Honganji headquarters website

Hōonkō: Daytime (Nicchū) and Afternoon (Taiya) Services

November 20–27 (PST)

Daytime (Nicchū) Services

4:45 pm (PST)

Afternoon (Taiya) Services

8:45 pm (PST)

Daytime (Nicchū) and Afternoon (Taiya) services will be held on the 20th  through the 27th and will be live streamed on the Higashi Honganji YouTube channel. There will be 14 total services. Please note there will be only an afternoon service on November 20th and 27th.

Please see the Higashi Honganji, Kyoto, Japan, website for a complete schedule.

Hōonkō: Reading of the Biography of Shinran (Godenshō)

On November 25 every year, the Biography of Shinran (Godenshō), which consists of two volumes, is read in the traditional and ceremonial way. This year, the first and second volumes are read on the 24th and 25th separately. Both readings will be live streamed.

1st Volume (about 1 hour):

Monday, November 23, 11:30 pm (PST)

2nd Volume (about 1 hour):

Tuesday, November 24, 11:30 pm (PST)

Dharma Lectures in Honor of Shinran Shōnin

November 25–27, 1 am (PST)

This series of Dharma lectures is presented for us to learn the teaching of the nenbutsu together as clarified by our spiritual forebear Shinran Shōnin in his memory.

Wednesday, November 25 (Pacific Time)

-Rev. Dr. Takashi Irisawa (President, Ryūkoku Univesity)

-Rev. Dr. Ichijō Ogawa (Professor Emeritus, Ōtani University)

Thursday, November 26 (Pacific Time)

-Ms. Masako Shimizu (Translator, Children’s Literature Reviewer)

-Rev. Dr. Hiroyuki Honda (Director, Center for Shin Buddhist Studies)

Friday, November 27 (Pacific Time)

-Rev. Dr. Kenshi Kusano (Professor Emeritus, Ōtani University)

-Rev. Dr. Yūtai Ikeda (Professor Emeritus, Dōhō University)

All events may be viewed on the Shinshu Otani-ha Higashi Honganji YouTube channel .

All services and events will be held at Shinshū Honbyō (Higashi Honganji’s mother temple), Kyoto, Japan.

The live stream schedule is subject to change due to COVID-19. Please check our headquarters official website for updates.