Protests, Patriotism, and Jodo Shinshu

By Rev. Ken Yamada

What does Jodo Shinshu say about social and political activism? An important question amid today’s social unrest.

Buddhists sometimes are criticized for being passive and uninvolved, too focused on their own personal enlightenment. But according to Rev. Junshō Tamamitsu, a Higashi Honganji teacher focused on activism, Jodo Shinshu urges us to look outward and face society’s problems. Continue reading “Protests, Patriotism, and Jodo Shinshu”

Books for a Buddhist Nightstand

By Rev. Frederick Brenion

A finger pointing to the moon is only of value

when the moon illuminates it.

A book pointing to your heart is only of value

when your mind opens and you read it.

As a former bookseller, librarian, life-long reader and now Jodo Shinshu minister, let me recommend a few of my favorite Buddhist books.

Many are available from bookstores and online booksellers; others are out-of-print, but found in local libraries. Many titles are now e-books. You might also find them in thrift stores and yard sales. A wealth of wisdom awaits. Continue reading “Books for a Buddhist Nightstand”