Nembutsu Now, Not Off to the Side

Rev. Paul Imahara

By Rev. Patti Nakai

(ed. note: After retiring as a civil engineer, Rev. Paul Imahara committed himself to studying Jodo Shinshu and following the Nenbutsu path. He eventually became ordained as a Higashi Honganji minister and helped at various temples in the North America District, especially Newport Beach. He also held services and study sessions for seniors, and after moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, he continued helping others follow the dharma. Even as his health declined, he remained active. Rev. Imahara passed away last Sunday.)


 For most of us, death is in the hypothetical future. “Whether it be today, whether it be tomorrow; whether I go before others or others go before me,” as we recite from Rennyo’s “Letter on the White Ashes” (hakkotsu no ofumi). I wanted to visit Rev. Paul Imahara in Las Vegas to hear from someone for whom death is in the very near future. Continue reading “Nembutsu Now, Not Off to the Side”