Update: Jodo Shinshu in France

(In France, Gregory Thomas suddenly took a keen interest in Jodo Shinshu seven years ago, when he began reading all he could in English, translating works into French and eventually studying with Higashi Honganji’s Otani University professor Michael Conway. Last year, he started a French language Web site devoted to Jodo Shinshu, and also manages an active Facebook page. We recently checked in with him for an update on his activities. ) Continue reading “Update: Jodo Shinshu in France”

Statement Against Injustice and in Support of Black Lives

Discrimination, racism and police brutality have no place in a free society. The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and other Black Americans prove there’s still much wrong in our world. Now is the time to protest against a system that breeds injustice and the senseless taking of human life. We must all work together towards much needed change. Continue reading “Statement Against Injustice and in Support of Black Lives”