Remember: Year End Service

The year-end service at our temples is called “Joya-E.”

At Joya-E, we reflect on events and people of the past year that have shaped our lives. It’s about understanding our karmic conditions and connections, and innumerable links to everything around us. Knowing without them, we could not exist. Consequently it’s a time to express our gratitude and appreciation. Continue reading “Remember: Year End Service”

Cyronics and Buddhism: Freezing Yourself for the Future

By Rev. Ken Yamada

Imagine dying, having your body frozen, and being brought back to life in the future. That’s what proponents of “cryonics” hope for, many already laying in cold storage. What would Jodo Shinshu say?

Cryonics focuses on a future life; Jodo Shinshu talks about “infinite life.” For Buddhists, I think considering one may help clarify the other. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Cyronics and Buddhism: Freezing Yourself for the Future”

Higher Consciousness and Food

By Rev. Noriaki Fujimori

The Pandemic forced us to change our behavior and the way we think. It forced me to think about how and why I eat.

Before, people often told me, “You’re a real foodie.” My wife would say, “You eat everything.” I lived many years on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where there weren’t many restaurants. Then I moved to the foodie paradise of Honolulu. Many restaurants tempted me to go out and eat, which happily I did. Continue reading “Higher Consciousness and Food”