Seishinshugi: Shinshu’s Clash with the Modern World

Rev. Manshi Kiyozawa

By Rev. Ken Yamada

Today, government mandates clash with personal rights; an unprecedented rise in wealth clashes with unrelenting poverty; political upheaval, military expansionism, and redefined social mores and identity abound. In these changing times, we must ask, “Is Jodo Shinshu Buddhism relevant?”

These challenges confront us now, but they also confronted a small group of innovative Buddhist thinkers a century ago, spurring them to redefine, modernize and find meaning in Jodo Shinshu, which for the previous two centuries had stagnated and grown moribund. For their contributions, they were persecuted, some even excommunicated by their own denomination. Their writings continue to be studied, debated, and valued in understanding Shinshu today. Continue reading “Seishinshugi: Shinshu’s Clash with the Modern World”

Deviating American Shinshu

By Rev. Peter Hata

We American Shin Buddhists as “messengers” need to creatively find new and effective ways to communicate Shinran Shonin’s message in the West. As a tradition transplanted from Japan to America, the reality today facing both Higashi Honganji and Nishi Honganji is that to thrive in America—not simply survive—it must change. However, it’s not Shinran’s message that needs changing. Continue reading “Deviating American Shinshu”

Statement Against Injustice and in Support of Black Lives

Discrimination, racism and police brutality have no place in a free society. The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and other Black Americans prove there’s still much wrong in our world. Now is the time to protest against a system that breeds injustice and the senseless taking of human life. We must all work together towards much needed change. Continue reading “Statement Against Injustice and in Support of Black Lives”