New Year’s Day Service

Ring in the new year with an online New Year’s Day service.

An annual tradition at the start of the New Year is visiting a Buddhist temple and reflecting on life’s great meaning. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, visitors currently aren’t allowed at temples, but you can still observe a New Year’s Day service online. Please check with your local temple for information.

In a normal year, a grand tradition in Japan is trekking to famous or local temples on New Year’s Eve so that once the clock strikes midnight, they are first to make offerings and pay their respects.

Here in the United States, some of our temples mark the passage of time with a New Year’s Day service, which includes sutra chanting, incense offering, and dharma message, often followed by refreshments and snacks.

If you’d like to attend an online service, please check with your local temple. Best wishes to all in the coming year.

And if you’re reading this before New Year’s Day, remember that some temples hold a Year End service the night before, on December 31. Please check with your local temple for information.

-above picture: BDK America 2020 Calendar


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