Amida, Save Me!

By Rev. Ken Yamada

Jodo Shinshu uses words such as “salvation” and “save” which make me uneasy. They give Pure Land Buddhism the appearance of a Christian-like religion with Amida Buddha as savior.

Yet, Jodo Shinshu’s founder Shinran Shonin used these terms. In the Tannisho, he says:

As for me, I simply accept and entrust myself to what my revered teacher told me, “Just say the nembutsu and be saved by Amida”; nothing else is involved.

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Deviating American Shinshu

By Rev. Peter Hata

We American Shin Buddhists as “messengers” need to creatively find new and effective ways to communicate Shinran Shonin’s message in the West. As a tradition transplanted from Japan to America, the reality today facing both Higashi Honganji and Nishi Honganji is that to thrive in America—not simply survive—it must change. However, it’s not Shinran’s message that needs changing. Continue reading “Deviating American Shinshu”