A Message in Anxious Times

By Abbot Chōyū Ōtani

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has caused much anxiety in the last few weeks. I give my deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones due to Covid-19 and wish for the speedy recovery of those who contract the virus. I’d like to express deep gratitude to all caregivers who are sacrificing their own wellbeing to combat this horrific disease. Continue reading “A Message in Anxious Times”

In Crisis: A Wish Given to Us

Focusing Back on the Deep Wish Given to Us:
Turning Crisis into an Opportunity to Restore Our Humanity

By Bishop Hiroshi Tajima

We can’t predict what will happen to the world because of the COVID-19 pandemic. After careful consideration, here at Higashi Honganji’s mother temple (Shinshū Honbyō) we decided to conduct our annual Spring Service as scheduled. However, attendance will be limited to only headquarters office staff. Additionally in consideration of public health, we suspended all volunteer programs (Hōshidan) as of March 1 at our Dōbō Retreat Center. Continue reading “In Crisis: A Wish Given to Us”